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Million Dollar Money Drop was an American game show which aired on Fox in the United States and Canada. It is based on the UK series The Million Pound Drop Live (now The £100K Drop). A team of two people with a pre-existing relationship was presented with US$1,000,000 in $20 bills, banded in 50 bundles of $20,000 each. The team had to risk the entire amount on a series of seven multiple-choice questions.

For each question, the team chose one of two categories, then indicated which answer(s) they wished to risk their money on by moving the bundles of cash onto a row of trap doors, termed “drops,” each of which corresponded to one answer. However, they had to ensure that at least one drop was always left unoccupied or else face a penalty. In addition, six of the seven questions had a time limit; any money that was not placed on an answer when time runs out was lost. Once the money was placed, the drops corresponding to the wrong answers were opened (generally one at a time), and any money placed on them dropped into a chute below the stage and was lost. The contestants then continued the game with the next question, keeping the money they had placed on the right answer.

The seventh and final question had only two answer choices, forcing the team to put all their remaining money on one drop. If they answered it correctly, they won the money; if not, they left with nothing. In addition, if the team lost all of their money before reaching the final question, the game ended immediately and they left with nothing.

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