Top 5 Board Games About Chemistry

It feels like it’s been WAY too long since we’ve talked about SCIENCE!!! Why is that????? I mean really. We need to be sciencing more. While I’ve talked generally about science and games, I wanted to get a bit more specific with some of them. Chemistry is an interesting one because it can be tough to translate to a board game, but here are my faves!

As always, what do YOU all think about this? Are you a fan of these types of games? Science games in general? Do you think there should be more? (Danny’s opinion = YES). Let me know in the comments what you all think!

Number 5 –
Number 4 –
Number 3 – h
Number 2 –
Number 1 –

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  • I own Compounded, Ion, and Covalence, and enjoy them all a great deal. I'd like to bring them to the table more often, especially Covalence, but that is a constant theme with me. :'-( Although it's probably mostly my own fault, because I tend to overlook my smaller box games when I think of a board game night with friends.
    I might have to give Alchemists a try. A good friend of mine tells me that Quacks of Quedlinburg is very fun which looks similar and might be thematically related but is probably way different when it comes to gameplay and the depiction of the scientific processes that you described.

    Where would since realeased PERIODIC and SUBATOMIC fall into this list now, Danny? 🙃

    Bernhard Maierhofer July 2, 2020 1:10 pm Reply
  • These all look like great games – I'll have to check them out! I created a stoichiometry board game to use in my chemistry classroom – not really translatable to game nights with friends (free game download at, but I love how much more engaged students are when you add a little bit of competition! Even with challenging (and boring) chemistry topics.

    Your Classroom Helper July 2, 2020 1:10 pm Reply
  • Jk

    Baybuznboogiez July 2, 2020 1:10 pm Reply
  • I don't like u for some reson

    Baybuznboogiez July 2, 2020 1:10 pm Reply
  • It is a nice Video that help us to understand few games about chemistry that i have not tested before. I am really thank full to you because i was useful. We are making a chemical game also, (we are in the latest stage) and videos like this help us to know which area we should be focused. Waiting for more videos!

    Enabling Excellence July 2, 2020 1:10 pm Reply
  • This is awesome, I've been looking for games like this! thank you.

    Hueramo De La Arcilla July 2, 2020 1:10 pm Reply
  • If this it's your top 5 I'd like to know what other games you tried? Elementeo? Peptides? Chemistry Fluxx? Linkage? Valence? Others?

    Lawrence L7337 July 2, 2020 1:10 pm Reply
  • I've been looking for these types of games. Thanks for choosing this topic!

    Ronin Wong July 2, 2020 1:10 pm Reply
  • you've done chemistry now do physics

    Craig Penfold July 2, 2020 1:10 pm Reply
  • Nice thing about Youtube is I can check this video "periodically"..


    I'll leave now.

    William Mcguinness July 2, 2020 1:10 pm Reply
  • He lives!  : )  Great to hear from you Danny you sound great again I hope that means you're feeling better now!  These are all great games and I will need to get them but other than starting with your #1 which ones will teach me the most about Biology/Chemistry (I'm trying for a Biology degree myself.  I want to get into Applied Mathematics in Biology, we have  a lot of challenges that I feel that education could help solve.)  By the way I will be giving Marvel a shot as soon as Steam will allow it.  I don't know what's up there, have you heard of any issues with other friends trying to join the game?  Thanks, again it's great to see you well Doc!  Hope to see another stream soon and hear more BareNaked Ladies tunes (and Moxy Fruvos of course cmon Doc throw a Fan a Tune, yeah? Preferably "Green Eggs and Ham" but "Spider-Man" or the "Gulf War Song" scratches that itch too!  Heck even "My baby loves a bunch of authors!")  : D

    mikejonesnoreally July 2, 2020 1:10 pm Reply
  • Excellent video Danny. I love the noble gases. They react as fast as certain managers I know!

    Tozmo M July 2, 2020 1:10 pm Reply
  • Maybe I'll like chemistry through board games.

    William Garcia July 2, 2020 1:10 pm Reply

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