Thailand: Board Game 'SIM Democracy' to Teach Good Governance (Learning World: S5E02, 2/3)

‘Democracy is not something you can only learn from books. It’s like a lifestyle, students’ have to experience it,’ says game designer Ruttikorn Vuttikorn who is part of the team that has developped the board game SIM democracy.

The goal of the game is to spread knowledge about the basic features of democracy and to learn good gevernance. The players take on different roles in the political system and have to master different political scenarios and critical situations while maintaing a democratic state of mind.

The Election Commission of Thailand has teamed up with the foundation Friedrich Naumann to bring this board game to Thai schools and beyond. More than 200 Thai schools have benefited from educational workshops introducing SIM democracy – in an effort to teach children how to run a government in a democratic society.

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