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In the middle of the 2000’s Hasbro partnered up with Basic Fun to produce a line of miniaturized versions of their most popular board games. For some reason they also made these mini board games into pens?

This line of collectible novelties featured popular brands like Trouble and the Etch-A-Sketch, however Draco has two of the more interesting ones: Connect Four and Scrabble. Yes, Scrabble. A fully functional, complete, and playable version of Scrabble that can fit in your pocket. Reflex cohosts for this video to play a couple rounds but it becomes apparent that these pens are more of a novelty and not something you can really play that well.

Also, going by “time spent in the Gatorbox prop closet”, these pens have been in there the longest.

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  • i remember those growing up on road trips.

    Tabitha Bunny July 8, 2020 6:41 pm Reply

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