Microsoft Game Room

Here’s what you get at the start, and if you’re wondering how it plays, the program crashed as soon as I tried to play a game for the first time. Before you can even get to seeing the arcade as it is here, you have to download at least one of the two available ‘packs’ for Game Room.
This footage is from the Games for Windows version, not from the Xbox 360.
**UPDATE** This footage was from earlier in the day, and since going back to it, all the arcades are now empty, and you get to pick an avatar for yourself from a bunch of preset ones. Your own Xbox LIve avatar doesn’t appear to be in the selection. But the demos work correctly now.

Auto Racing for the Intellivision isn’t in there yet 🙁


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  • astrosmash had spongy asteroids

    ericou812 July 5, 2020 7:58 pm Reply

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