Froggy Boogie from Blue Orange Games

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In Froggy Boogie, it’s naptime at the pond, but the baby frogs still want to play. Baby frogs try to be the first to hop around the pond without being seen by the adult frogs. Players guess or remember which adult frog popping eyes will freeze the baby frogs in their race.

To play, place two popping eyes in each adult frog: one blank and one marked with a baby frog on the bottom. Mix the adult frogs and place them in the middle of the table. Arrange the small water lilies around the frogs in a circle. Each player chooses one baby frog and places their piece on the big water lily. Taking turns in a clockwise direction, players roll the dice and lift one eye from the adult frog that matches the colors shown on the dice. So if the dice land on orange and red, lift up an eye from the orange and red adult frog. If the lifted eye shows a baby frog underneath, the baby frog will not move forward but stay on the water lily. The next player takes a turn. If the lifted eye is blank, the frog didn’t see that baby frog, and the baby frog advances to the next water lily. That player gets to take another turn.

Froggy Boogie comes with six wood baby frogs, nine wood adult frogs with 18 popping eyes, a large wood water lily, 11 small wood water lilies, and two wood dice. The game is for two to six players.


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